Accepted Papers

Research Track

037Gerhard Klassen, Martha Tatusch and Stefan ConradClustering of Time Series Regarding Their Over-Time Stability
078Wathsala Anupama Mohotti and Richi NayakDiscovering Communities with SGNS Modelling-based Network connections and Text communications Clustering
081Daniel Bongiorno, Nivedita Prakasan, Jordan Truswell, Michael Posadowski and James WalshAiCE: automating horizon scanning for the detection of emerging technologies
106Rohit Pande and Shafiq AlamPredicting the outcome of judicial cases using semantic analysis
120Joerg Frochte and Stephen MarslandRegression learning on patches
186Duc Nguyen, Phuoc Nguyen, Kien Do, Santu Rana, Sunil Gupta and Truyen TranUnsupervised Anomaly Detection on Temporal Multiway Data
188Daniel Fryer, Hien Nguyen and Pascal Castellazzik-means on Positive Definite Matrices, and an Application to Clustering in Radar Image Sequences
191Xuan Truong Du Chau, Hoang Duong Le, Thanh Trung Huynh, Minh Tam Pham, Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen and Jun JoEfficient-Frequency: a hybrid visual forensic framework for facial forgery detection
224Danilo Rafael Cabral and Roberto BarrosEMZD: Equal Means Z-Test Concept Drift Detector
251Zhenyu Yang, Jie Yang, Brian Yecies and Wanqing LiMulti-view learning for context-aware extractive summarization
271Paulo Mauricio Goncalves Jr., Roberto Souto Maior de Barros and Sylvain ChartierA Change Detector for Prior Probabilities of Classes
285Jose Luis Perez, Roberto Barros and Silas SantosStatistical Tests Ensemble Drift Detector
329Md Abul Bashar and Richi NayakTAnoGAN: Time Series Anomaly Detection with Generative Adversarial Networks

Application Track

156Explainability and Fairness in Machine Learning: Improve Fair End-to-end Lending for Kiva. Alexander Stevens, Peter Deruyck, Ziboud Van Veldhoven, and Jan Vanthienen. Belgium
198Adaptive Data Replication Optimization Based on Reinforcement Learning. Chee Keong Wee and Richi Nayak. Australia
257Benchmarking Stacking Against Other Heterogeneous Ensembles in Telecom Churn Prediction. Jan Kunnen, Maxime Duchateau, Ziboud Van Veldhoven, and Jan Vanthienen. Belgium
314Hospital Readmission Prediction using Discriminative patterns. Sea Jung Im, Yue Xu, Jason Watson, Ann Bonner, Helen Healy and Wendy Hoy. Australia
446DeepHealth: Deep Representation Learning with Autoencoders for Healthcare Prediction. Wen Xu, Jing He and Yanfeng Shu. Australia
452Wavelet-based denoising for EEG-based pattern recognition systems. Binh Nguyen, Wanli Ma, Dat Tran and Younjin Chung. Australia
457Balancing Utility and Fairness against Privacy in Medical Data. Andrew Chester, Yun Sing Koh, Quan Sun, Joerg Wicker and Junjae Lee. New Zealand
461Understanding the Spatio-temporal Topic Dynamics of Covid-19 using Nonnegative Tensor Factorization: A Case Study. Thirunavukarasu Balasubramaniam, Richi Nayak and Md Abul Bashar. Australia
485Application of Deep Learning in Automated Food Quality Control. Jiaxiang Mao, Dat Tran, Wanli Ma, Nenad Naumovski, Jane Kellett, Elisa Martinez-Marroquin, and Andrew Slattery. Australia
486Biogeographical Ancestry Inference from Genotype: A Comparison of Ancestral Informative SNPs and Genome-wide SNPs. Yue Qu, Dat Tran and Elisa Martinez-Marroquin. Australia
487A Study on the Impact of Alcoholism on EEG-based Cryptographic Key Generation Systems. Dang Nguyen, Dat Tran and Dharmendra Sharma. Australia
598Two-stage Unsupervised Approach for Combating Social Spammers. Darshika Koggalahewa, Yue Xu and Ernest Foo. Australia

Industry Showcase Track

001Deep Learning-Based Sensor Data Imputation System – A Case Study in Water Quality. Yi-Fan Zhang and Peter Thorburn. Australia.
002The Concept of an Analytics Shed. Garry Mitchell, Tony Nolan, Ed Lewis, Brian Benson, Peter Phillips and Warwick Graco. Australia.